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Building ALL girls into confident young women.

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4-Part Workshop Series = Retainable Lifeskills!

Keewahdin Workshop Series

When Ruby's mother told her she would be going to an A Beautiful Me workshop and that it was to improve her self-esteem, Ruby asked, "Why do I need that?" She had always been an outgoing, talkative girl. No one would have guessed she had a learning disability that made it difficult for her to learn how to read. She is homeschooled and her parents had never made a big deal about it.

However, when Ruby walked into her first A Beautiful Me workshop, she felt self-conscious about her disability for the first time. Another young girl noticed her uneasiness and asked, "What's wrong?" When Ruby answered, her new friend immediately offered to read to her if she got stuck.

It only took one girl at one A Beautiful Me workshop to change Ruby's life. Just imagine how many girls' lives have been changed, or could be, by these encouraging workshops. Ruby's wish is that every young girl could have the chance to go to an A Beautiful Me workshop. Because of your generosity today, many will. A Beautiful Me has given Ruby something she didn't even know she needed, and she can't wait to become a teen leader someday so that she can be that "one person" for another girl who needs it!

Thanks for helping us build up the next generation of confident women!